Finally, the right place to cast all your doubts and questions about HR matters and issues at your workplace

It’s time that you don’t lose sleeps over HR issues and its implications (if handled wrongly)

We want you to focus on what you are best at which is to continue in building your business upwards. Let us handle your employee’s related issues within the best and practical human resource practices through our guidance.

Team of Experts are here to help you through consultation

What can IREDGE do for you?

    • Get to be consulted by a Team of Experts
    • It’s Online Based. You don’t have to travel and meet our Team of Experts directly. However, as an alternative, we do grant a Face to Face Consultation (over ZOOM platform) with our Team of Experts or via a phone call.
    • Get to access our HR Resource Center and other form of HR Services such as Online Job Posting (FOC) or participate in our monthly HR Webinars and (paid) HR Training Programs at a discounted price.

What makes IREDGE unique?

Unlike other boutique consultancy firms, we keep our cost low as we focus on On-Demand Consultation Delivery via online thru IREDGE Digital Portal. By keeping our cost low, this means, we are able to charge and maintain our subscription fee as low as possible without compromising the quality of our consultation. The savings from our management efficiency creates savings which are then passed on to our clients so that our services are made affordable to all SMEs employers.

24/7 access to the portal and address your enquiries

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